Sexual accusations against Joe Biden

I was watching random videos and I stumbled upon news about sexual allegations against Joe Biden. I got interested and dug more about it on youtube. I show here a few things I found.

A little bit of context: A woman called Tara Reade is accusing Joe Biden of sexual assault. Biden hasn't made any comment about this allegation, but some democrat women have publicly shown support for him.

Subtle Differences in Coverage

Let us first pay some attention to what Nancy Pelosi said in a press conference last Thursday (April 30). I noticed some differences in how it was shown.

The following video was published by the associated press

The following one was published by CSPAN

Imagine you had seen only one of the two videos. Do you think your impression of her comments would be different if you had watched only the first one than if you had watched only the second one? In the CSPAN video you can see that her remarks dodge a direct question on her integrity and you can see her bitter reaction to it. She looks much less bad in the first video. Why is the Associated Press not showing that part? Was it done on purpose or was it an accident?

Interesting Analysis

There are many videos and articles out there talking about the allegations and giving analysis on it. I encourage you to see a bunch of them to form your own opinion. I share here one I really liked. It is an analysis made by Kyle Kulinski in his show secular talk, he starts by commenting on an interview given by Stacey Abrams.

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