The Lesser of Two Evils

In the last U.S. presidential election, I was thinking that Hillary Clinton was the lesser of two evils. I was seeing the situation this way: If she wins, things will continue getting worse at the same rate than in the recent years, while with Trump we are in a free fall.

After Trump won the election and I was becoming more cynical, a friend of mine told me that in his opinion Trump’s victory was the only way in which real change can happen, since it is going to be disastrous, there will be outrage and a strong political movement with progressive ideas can emerge and bring change.

Evidently, two ingredients are necessary (but not sufficient) for change to happen this way: Outrage of the masses and an honest movement with a sensible ideology capable of turning the outrage into political action. And I think we are witnessing both ingredients right now.

I take the following as evidence of outrage in the population:

The outrage has been triggered by several actions of the new administration. In my opinion one of them has been their incompetence, and I do not only mean incapacity to fulfill their responsibilities but also incompetence on being corrupt: They do not hide their conflicts of interest, bigotry and outrageous actions. They are not like Obama who would give a sensible speech about some topic in front of the cameras but would discretely do the opposite. These guys not only do not hide their assholeness, they speak proudly about it. I know they gain certain public, but it is giving them more enemies than friends.

Now, what about the honest movement with a sensible ideology? Bernie Sanders has motivated many people, and I am particularly excited with the organization Justice Democrats. I think their platform can convert outrage in political action and that they have the talent to do it. It is unusual for me to speak so highly about a political organization. In fact, I have an inner voice telling me “don’t be fool, get excited and believe in them. They will either get corrupted or crushed, and that assuming that they aren’t already”. Nevertheless I am presently convinced by the movement and feel enthusiastic about it (if you have some time, I recommend this 1h17m video about their platform).

I conclude with my updated opinion about the outcome of the last election: If we consider only policies, definitely Hillary Clinton was the lesser of two evils; but if we consider potential political engagement of the masses, it MIGHT be that Donald Trump was the best possible outcome.

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