It seems to me that for any reasonable person the current US president and administration are a disaster. Just in the first week we already have

We also have nepotism, a band of unprepared(to say the least) nominees and many other things that are happening so fast that it is almost impossible to keep track of.

The new president losses his temper easily and behaves like a clueless child. He is obsessed with his image and popularity, as it is evidenced by his recurrent insistence on the size of the crowd at his inauguration and the election fraud, and the fact that
he brings people to clap at his speeches.

Combine all of this with the issue that he can use nuclear weapons if he decides to, and I hope you can get some sleep tonight (may be some acid humor can help).

On the good side of things, the massive protests, the resistance inside of the government and the legal actions against him and his policies do give some hope. Let’s just wish that they bring Trump to impeachment before we get an irreparable nuclear or environmental disaster.

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